Lapel Pins for Men

Pins are a great way for people to display their personality, interests, and more. The right pin can pull your look together, whether you're spending time at home, out with some friends, or looking for lapel pins for your latest rave outfit. Unique pins can show others your favorite rave artists, bands, animals, colors, and patterns.

Before we dive into the features and functions of lapel pins for men, let's look at what a lapel itself is. A lapel is the folded flaps on a blazer or suit jacket, which can be found above the buttons and below the collar. The lapel pin is meant to be placed within a buttonhole on the upper left-hand side of the lapel. While these pins may be referred to as lapel pins, they can really be placed just about anywhere, whether you want to represent your favorite artist in the buttonhole on the lapel of your jacket or you're amassing a collection of pins for your purse.

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Mens Lapel Pins Features

Some pins contain unique features that really set them apart from others. For instance, you can find two-part pins on the Entheos Vibrations site. These limited edition pins come in two pieces for a unique image with a variety of color palettes and designs. As an example, if you enjoy space, you might be interested in the Limited Edition Into Space 2-piece hat pins, which come in a translucent or OG color set. There are several designs for the space portal pin.

There are a few options in terms of material to choose from when shopping for lapel pins for men. Some pins are made using anodized metal while others might be crafted from black painted metal, rainbow metal, gold metal, and others. It comes down to personal taste as to which is best in comparison to one another.

You can choose between 3D molded and 2D mens lapel pins. A 3D pin can add a lot of flair to your overall look. These feature three-dimensional elements that allow the design to stand out with its curved edges. With a 2D design, there is a raised and lower level only. A mix of the two can have a unique effect that can give your fit a little extra oomph to help you stand out from those around you.

Why People Might Use Lapel Pins for Men

With lapel pins for men, others can quickly identify you as a part of a group. Wearing the same pins as your friends can be a great way to easily find one another throughout an event. You might use pins as a part of an organization or club at a festival, to represent the occasion itself, or to otherwise signal yourself as part of a party. Groups of all sizes can represent themselves through colorful pins, which are versatile in many ways.

Pins can vary in size, allowing for a wide range of uses and applications. Smaller pins can decorate hats and bags, while larger pins can be pinned just about anywhere for all to see. Men's lapel pins are a great way to use your favorite accessories to tell the world who you are, whether you lean towards inspirational quotes or colorful animals. Some people might use their pins to complement a tapestry used as a DIY outfit or pin them to a blanket or jacket.

There is a wide range of lapel pins for men (and women!) to choose from at Entheos Vibrations. Browse our selection of high-quality options from colorful gods and goddesses to unique-looking animals to crystals and beyond. Mix and match your favorite ones to showcase your sense of style to those around you.